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110227 The BIG BANG Show [subbed]

 For all BIG BANG lovers out there, I found their comeback special show all subbed! ^^

02/27/2011 SBS The BIG BANG Show subbed by AMST.

You can watch it stream http://www.twitvid.com/videos/Anonymous_Subs

OR download them at their website. http://anonsubs.wordpress.com/

They're also subbing the BIG BANG TV that came out today so be on the lookout for that! :) 

Oh before I forget, they're looking for Japanese translators so if you guys can help out, be sure to apply! If you know someone who wants to apply and help out, get them to apply too. :) 


Okay..2NE1..are you a fan? Are you a blackjack? Then let's join us at http://ygsecret21.com/ Its an international forum for all the Blackjacks all over the world. We also sub videos of the girls and update you with the latest news and information about them. Sooooo what are you waiting for?? Join us! ~Let's go Party, Work that body! ~


Some of you probably noticed that I basically don't do anything here on my lj except to rant about stuff happening in my life & upload videos like dramas and movies for ipod format. Mainly because I add them in my own ipod and just wanting to share them with others before deleting them off my pc. There is this community which I joined couple months ago that is all about mp4 formats. [ http://community.livejournal.com/mp4all/ ] From videos to music and anything you can think off. The members is around 847 and we're hoping to get up to 1000 members by the end of the year. We're working hard to add more stuff in the community and answering all requests from the members. Sooo..I HOPE you can join this community and help us out. It will be a GREAT advance christmas gift and a great gift to start the new year. ^__^ Onegai!

Subbed Videos...

I'm supposed to be reading my nursing book but for some reason I'm on the uploading videos feel. hahahaha So far I think I only have about 4 videos thats uploaded on MU. It's going to take a while because it all depends how fast this MU will let me download the videos. The reason I'm putting this on MU now is because....well my hard drive is about to blow up and I don't want this videos to be lost so might as well store it here right? hahahaha Anyways, I'll keep uploading videos here from time to time. I'm uploading Lovely Complex the live-action movie right now, a request from missy, so I'll be doing that throughout this week. Also the movie Virgin Snow..I'm going to upload that too in ipod format. So hopefully all the links will work if not, well just let me know :-D Ohhh yeah, Yukan Club ipod format..ill be doing that too..hahaha Have fun!

~*IPOD format*~

Kindaichi no Shonen no Jikenbo (2005) with Kamenashi (KAT-TUN) and Ueno (Nodame Cantable)

Yukan Club Episode 5

Lovely Complex part 1 out of 4

Lovely Complex part 2 out of 4

Lovely Complex part 3 out of 4

Lovely Complex part 4 out of 4

Virgin Snow part 1 out of 2

Virgin Snow part 2 out of 2

HYD Movie

I just heard this from a friend of mine that HYD cast (japan version) are filming part of the movie in Las Vegas. It'll be around Feb. 19 and 20th at The Orleans hotel and casino. But the crew is staying till the end of feb. Isn't this exciting???!!! I can't believe they will be in las vegas. Of course I'll probably miss it but I really want to see even a glimpse of it. The filming is in public so we can watch. I wish wish wish I could go..


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